About the Founder

Kym Costanzo, owner, The WebscaperHi! I’m Kym Costanzo, Owner & Creative Director of The Webscaper. Thank you for considering The Webscaper for your web design and internet marketing needs!

If you’ve found this page, you are likely in the market for someone to build you a new website, or help with your existing site. Either that, or you’re someone from high school stalking where people you knew ended up. Assuming the former, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself and why you should want to work with the Webscaper for your project.  (If you’re the latter, I’m doing great… thanks!)

I love my job. I really, really do. I love that I can help small businesses just like mine make a name for themselves in the vast online world. I love helping clients understand what can be a very confusing process and making sense of all things websites. I love creating beautiful websites that exceed my clients’ expectations. And I love the feeling that my clients really do appreciate my work – which I know from the many referrals and recurring work from existing clients. Yes, that’s a lot of “love” but that’s what you get with the Webscaper – a process you will love that results in a website you love even more.

When you choose The Webscaper, you can expect to personally work with me. You won’t just hear from me in our initial consultation, and then get passed off to an account manager or junior designer. In my former professional life, I was on the other side – in your shoes, and I know how larger agencies work. That’s not how I choose to run my business. I work personally with every single client through your entire project, and beyond.

I view my relationship with my clients as a partnership, not a task. I don’t just take your website order, build it up, ship it off and invoice you. In our initial conversations about your project, I learn about your business and your online marketing needs and goals. I then make recommendations tailored specifically to your business and your lifestyle. Together we will come up with an internet marketing plan that may involve just building a website – or may incorporate other tools such as social media, email marketing, or an ongoing SEO stragegy. Throughout the course of the project, I will make more suggestions and recommendations – to content, navigation, features, and functionality. The end result will be a website and accompanying online marketing strategy that works for your unique business and you.

So you want to please your clients, that’s great… but what kind of experience do you have?

I have been building websites since 1997. My professional web design career began with 11 years of corporate experience in building, designing, maintaining, and managing intranets and high-volume external websites in both the telecommunications and financial services industries. I initially launched the Webscaper in 1998, as a freelance side job. Working both in the corporate and freelance worlds, I gained immeasurable experience about web publishing, marketing, branding, and content writing.

In 2008, I made my exit from the corporate world. I endured my 5th corporate merger/acquisition in 11 years, but this time, my position was among the many that were eliminated. The decision for me to take the gamble to go out on my own wasn’t difficult — I had long known that my calling was working one-on-one with clients who were truly invested in the project that I worked on for them. Again, I love my job — but it’s not because of the HTML that I code or the designs that I create. Working with my clients, on different, unique, and very interesting projects is what makes this the best job in the world.

Since re-launching The Webscaper, LLC as a full-service internet marketing consultancy in April, 2009, I have had the opportunity to gain real world experience in emerging web technologies, internet marketing trends, and best practices. I first began working with WordPress in early 2009, and by mid-2010, had completely migrated to exclusively providing WordPress web development services to businesses and organizations. I am highly proactive in learning new technologies and am obsessed with WordPress development. I am a member of numerous professional organizations, both WordPress-specific and design focused, and I make it a mission to learn something new every day.

For as much as I love my job, I do have a personal life, too! I have a wonderful husband, two amazing young daughters, and our menagerie of pets (cats, ferrets, and hermit crabs). Most of my spare time is spent chasing and chauffeuring my girls around. When I find spare time, my favorite non-WordPress things to do are gardening and landscaping… which, incidentally, is where the inspiration for the name the Webscaper came from.