FREE “Ask Anything” Consultation

You have questions… we have answers.

You may need a new website. Or help with your current website – or in developing a broader online marketing plan. You may have very specific questions… or you may have no idea what questions you need to ask, and don’t know where to start.

Introducing the FREE 1/2 hour “Ask Anything”
Consultation with the Webscaper

We LOVE de-mystifying all things web-related at the Webscaper. Truth be told, we have always freely consulted with prospective clients, answering all of their questions for free without any expectation of hiring us – we’re now just advertising it so more people feel comfortable picking our brains.

What we don’t love is when prospective clients call us, frustrated, angry, or feeling gypped because they made the wrong decision for their website. If that’s you, we are sorry for what you’ve gone through – but we can make it better! Many of our clients came to us to “fix” a site that someone else started to build with disastrous results. One half-hour consultation with the Webscaper can help you make the right choice regarding website development — even if we are not the right developer for your project. Request your consultation now – you’ll be glad you did!

A tiny sampling of the questions you can ask:

  • What kind of website do I need?
  • What is WordPress?
  • How do I register a domain?
  • Should I host my site with GoDaddy?
  • What is a web host?
  • Should I set up my e-mail through GoDaddy (or another registrar) when I register my domain?
  • How can I improve SEO?
  • How much does a website cost?
  • How long does it take to have a website built?
  • How can I guarantee I get to the top of Google search for my local business? (hint: you can’t)
  • and much more! If it’s website or internet marketing related, any question is fair game. Even if you’re not ready to begin development! 

Before the skeptical (savvy!) you says, “great, but you’re only going to recommend that we hire you, this isn’t unbiased information!” let’s be completely transparent. Yes, we are hoping to encourage prospective new clients to contact us, and find out how fabulous we are. But every business’s website needs are different, and we may not be the best designer for you–and that’s okay. We still want to help. We will provide fair and honest feedback about your project, and make recommendations based on your site needs, budget, and goals. We network with many other design, SEO, devlopment, and internet marketing firms locally and nationally. If we can’t help you, we can recommend someone who can.

Don’t wait – you have questions or you wouldn’t have found this page! Stop wondering and get started on your internet marketing journey… request your consultation now!