New Virtual Webmaster Maintenance Options Available

New Virtual Webmaster plans available Our Virtual Webmaster clients know how helpful it can be to have a maintenance and support option from the Webscaper. Keeping site content updated is as simple as sending us a request, and voila – posts, page content, image galleries, product offerings are all updated quickly and easily. Backups are managed offsite, upgrades are taken care of (and any resulting bugs, too!). And for the few clients who have experienced serious issues like hacked sites or accidental data deletion — Virtual Webmaster maintenance has been peace of mind that everything will be taken care of and fully functional in no time.

Our Virtual Webmaster monthly plans have been ideal for our clients who have active sites with regular content updates. With plans that start at 4 hours per month, many of our clients fit into these plans quite well and easily use their hours with none going to waste. In fact, the argument can be made that anyone with a website should be putting at least four hours per month into development, updates, and maintenance. Still, for some small business owners, or non-profit organizations that may revolve around annual or semi-annual benefits, justifying the monthly cost of a maintenance plan can initially be difficult. Particularly for new website owners who simply don’t yet know how much time will go into keeping their websites in tip-top shape.

For these clients, the only alternative option for updates and maintenance was On Demand maintenance and support, which carries a higher hourly cost and a two-hour minimum. That wasn’t an ideal option for the clients who just need an image developed or a blog post posted a couple of times a month.

What we noticed was happening to this segment of our customers was that their websites were being neglected. Content was not being updated, blogs were ignored, calendars left empty, and core WordPress and plugin installations were not being updated – posing a serious security risk. This was keeping us up at night. The websites we build at the Webscaper are like family. Like a pet we adopt out… and then find out it’s not being fed. It’s dreadful!

So during these sleepless nights, we came up with the solution: new Virtual Webmaster plans! We still offer our regular monthly plans that we always have, but we have now added Web Buckets and A la Carte service offerings.

Web Buckets are pre-paid “buckets” of maintenance and support hours that customers can purchase and use at any time during a calendar year. Unlike On Demand maintenance, there is no minimum hour requirement per request, so clients can send requests as they need them no matter how large or small. Add the fact that Web Buckets offer discounted rates from our On Demand, and can be used for everything that our original Virtual Webmaster plans can, this is a very appealing new product offering to many of our clients. Web Buckets start at 5 hours, and can be topped off at any time.

A la Carte support services are ideal for clients who do most of their own content updates and maintenance, but need occasional help with specific tasks or just want to ensure their sites are running at tip-top shape. For a one-time flat rate, we offer Site Evaluation & Tune-Up, Expert Tune Up, and Backup & Update services, as well as training and consultation. Learn more about our A la Carte Support options.

Are you a current Virtual Webmaster client? Do you find that your current plan works well for you, or are these new offerings more appealing? Or do you have a website that might benefit from support and maintenance from the Webscaper? Give us your thoughts below – we’d love to know how we can help, and are interested in any feedback you may have!