WordPress Website Development

We Love WordPressAt the Webscaper, our expertise is in designing, developing, and maintaining WordPress websites. That’s our niche, and we love it!

WordPress is the leading website development platform and has truly redefined the possibilities for websites of all sizes and purposes. It levels the playing field in internet marketing. Features and functionality that were once limited to large companies that could afford costly custom development can now be added to a mom & pop corner store website for a fraction of the cost (or even free!). Better yet, through the power of WordPress plugins, just about any functionality you can dream up can be added quickly – measured in hours or minutes, not weeks or months, of development. But you will also need a good SEO service if you want the web site to rank well in the search engines and there are lots of great and affordable SEO companies out there that can provide what you need.

With WordPress websites from the Webscaper, you will enjoy:

  • beautiful, professional, and feature rich website that gives your audience that great first impression that you want to lead with.
  • The ability to make content edits to your website with no special software or HTML/programming knowledge. WordPress is the leading CMS (content management system) in the world. Through a simple administrator interface, you can modify pages, add blog posts, photo galleries, submission forms, and much more.
  • Solid, dependable code that is never outdated. WordPress is actively and continually developed and improved. On average, WordPress updates are released once a month to provide new functionality, core code updates, and security updates. Your website foundation will remain current and updated through the life of your website.
  • Unparalleled reliability with the Genesis Framework. All of our custom themes are built as child themes to Genesis, which means immaculate, automatically updated code, responsive design, SEO optimization, and solid security built right in.
  • Scalability. As your business grows, your website will grow with you. Add pages, products, services, functionality – WordPress can handle it all.
  • Great SEO right out of the box – and then some. WordPress alone provides an excellent platform for building SEO with solid, clean code and built-in tools to get your site indexed properly.  At the Webscaper, we then fine-tune optimization by harnessing the power of the Genesis Framework plus additional tools that make it easy for you to control how your content is indexed and returned to the visitors you are trying to reach.