WordPress 4.0 Adds Editing and Admin Improvements

WordPress 4.0 was released on September 4, 2014 and brings with it some nice editing and administrative improvements. None of the changes are so drastic that it will impact site editors’ workflow or require a learning curve; but they should be welcome little touches for most users.

Media Library Layout: Improvements have been made to the way media items (i.e. images, etc.) appear in both your media library, and in the Insert Media pane from your Edit Page/Edit Post screen. Now, all of your images will display in an infinite scrolling window. Editing your image details is more streamlined, as well – when you click on a media item, the details screen opens in a pop up window for a better editing experience.

Media Library Grid Layout


Embedded Video Preview: Embedding YouTube, Vimeo, and hosted videos is already a snap in WordPress – simply paste the URL of your video into the Editor and the video will display. However, in the past, you did not see a preview of the video in your Editor window; now you will. It’s not going to change your life, but it is a nice touch from the best video editor embedded into the WordPress internal code.

Video Embed Preview WordPress 4.0

Redesigned Plugin Install/Search Screen: If you add new plugins regularly or just enjoy searching to see what new plugins are available in the repository, this aesthetic improvement will be welcome news for you. While your Plugins page hasn’t changed, the “Add New Plugin” screen has. Now, plugins returned when you search are formatted into nice tiles, with much more information visible on the search results page. Once again, this isn’t going to change your life, but it is a much more enjoyable experience.

New Plugin Installation Screen

Post/Page Editor Improvements: Now this change is something I got a little giddy about. Between my own websites and managing dozens of clients’ pages and posts, the old page/post editor has always left something to be desired. Especially for long posts… even though I would use the expansion handles to make the editing window larger, I always ran into the problem that once the post got too long, the TinyMCE buttons (the editing buttons at the top of the editor window, for formatting such as Bold, Italic, text alignment, add link, etc.) would scroll up the page and off the screen. So at the bottom of my post, if I wanted to bold an important phrase, I had to highlight my text, then scroll back up the screen to get to my TinyMCE buttons. Frustrating! But no more! Now, there are no more expansion handle at the bottom of the screen… once a post or a page gets longer than the default window size… the window automatically grows! Better yet — if the post gets so long that the TinyMCE buttons would disappear – they now become sticky, and stay tacked to the top of your screen. Fantabulous! The feature is not something that can easily be shown in a screenshot, but be sure to check it out in your 4.0-upgraded site.

For the full list and specifications of what’s new, check out the official WordPress 4.0 Codex page, or the WordPress blog announcement.

As always, Virtual Webmaster clients with an active monthly maintenance & support plan or an active Web Bucket will have their WordPress upgraded to 4.0 automatically by the Webscaper. Clients without an active support plan or anyone who needs help with updating their software may contact us and we can take care of the upgrade (including all plugins and themes) and testing of your website. We have a variety of support plans as well as one-time Backup & Upgrade in our A La Carte support options to choose from.