WS Virtual Manager Plugin

The WS Virtual Manager Child Plugin from the Webscaper provides the bridge needed to allow the Webscaper to remotely provide immediate upgrades to WP Core, plugins, themes, settings, security, and more. This plugin is provided at no cost to all active Virtual Webmaster Maintenance & Support clients.

Virtual Webmaster Maintenance & Support means peace of mind. Having a Virtual Webmaster plan allows busy website owners and managers to focus on the core of their business or organization, and rest assured that their website is kept up-to-date, maintained, and secure. For the Webscaper to effectively be able to manage all of our clients’ websites efficiently and effectively, we use a centralized system, the WS Virtual Manager, to remotely monitor and maintain all of our valued Virtual Webmaster client websites, from one control panel.

The WS Virtual Manager Child Plugin is the bridge between our client websites and our main WS Virtual Manager control panel. This bridge provides a safe, secure, and extremely efficient means for us to provide essential updates to your website. This also allows us to instantly push out patches or security upgrades when they are made available – to all clients, with a click of a button.

This invaluable tool is just another way that Virtual Webmaster Maintenance and Support from the Webscaper is keeping your website safe, secure, and happy!